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GDP Energy Intensity
Demand profiles
Multi-variant Hubbert curves
Expected depletion rates
Fossil phase-out profiles
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Detailed Transition Path 1 |  2 | 3
Transition scenarios |  ε
Transition envelopes |  ε
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Transition Feasibility Index Inputs
TFI Bands |  Surfaces |  Histograms

SET Model 1.0
Article in Sustainability (2014)
Online simulator | source file

SET Model 2.0
Article in Env. Res. Let. (2016)
Preprint on arXiv (2015)
Online simulator | source file

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  • Welcome to the exploratory site of the Sustainable Energy Transitions!
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    • You can navigate on this site using the controls on the right.
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    • Upon making a selection on the radio button and dropdown selectors
      the main plot displayed will automatically change.
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    • Below the selectors you can find links to our previously published work.
    • The project includes the development of dynamic net-energy models,
      which are interactive and callable directly online - see the links on the right.
  • Models
    • The plots are generated using a dynamic net-energy model, SET 2.0.
    • SET 1.0 is a simple implementation of SET 2.0.
    • Both models are written in the AnyLogic multi-agent and system dynamics modelling platform using the JAVA programming language.
    • Both of the models are open source and runnable live on the online dynamic model repository.
  • Plots
    • This site presents the envelope of simulations conducted with the SET Model 2.0.
    • You can find 3 radio buttons and 3 dropdown lists selectors in the top right corner of this page.
    • Use the radio buttons to select the type of results you would like to view.
    • The dropdown lists select the fixed sensitivity parameter. Upon selecting one,
      contour plots over the other 2 sensitivity parameters are displayed in the plot area.
    • Below the selectors, you can also choose to display from a list of other relevant plots.
  • Impact
    • This work has resulted so far in numerous conference presentations and one journal article with another one in preparation.
    • It also serves as the main topic for one doctoral dissertation and multiple master's theses under development.
    • Shortly referred to as The Sower's Way, this work lead to the establishment of a mailing list and
      continuously sparks extensive discussion in the energy-climate researcher community.
    • The Sower's Way concept is presented more extensively on
    • The SET Model 1.0 has almost 3000 runs and on and multiple positive reviews.
    • On the same platform, it has been selected the model of the month in June 2014.
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